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Now representing:
PulseGuard Ltd.,
Liquid Dynamics Intl. Ltd.,
HydroTrole Ltd.,
and ShockGuard Ltd.
for pumping applications.



Flow Experts

Flow Experts specialize in pump selection, for pumping applications from precise metering
systems, to turbine flows of cubic meters per second.


We cover fluid compatibilities from acids to alkalis and beyond, to standard constructions for
pyroforics, sludges, and even abrasive slurries.


With decades of experience helping Finland industry, we are fully conversant with the needs for
addressing compressibility of liquids at elevated pressures to 2,000 bar and more.


Whether your need is simply for dosing to control algae in a pond or the injection of methanol
against a system ultra pressure, we have the answers you need, from experience.


Your most apparently intractable problems delight us with the challenge.


We stabilize flows and pressure, whether from pumping characteristics or pipe system response
to valve actions


We have been known as the pulse and water hammer "doctors" "The Smooth Flow People".


Flow Experts, the pumping guys, with the broadest experience in town.





"Associated Terms"
Flow-Smooth, FlexOrber, PistOflex, FlexOfram, FlexObag, BladOflex, LiquOflex, Flex-Tube, pumping skids, dosing skids


 Water Hammer Alleviators     Pressure Pulse Stabilizers     Fluid Power Accumulators     Pumps Finland / Apps 

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